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Innovation in business development is a state of mind. It’s about solving problems head-on, and crucially it requires different thinking. Overcoming the specific circumstantial challenges any business faces means often requires a fresh set of eyes and a fresh brain – without the preconceptions and experiences which those living with the problems carry with them. Albert Einstein in trying to refine his new non-Newtonian view of the universe thought that ‘we cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.’ Whilst most businesses don’t have intellectual challenges as large as inventing quantum mechanics the complexity of business can sometimes seem like that!


For a business to achieve a sustainable long term future its current challenges have to be resolved and, crucially become things of the past, not on-going impediments. This requires focus and investment, not crossed-fingers and institutional blindness. Henry Ford, master automotive innovator said: “most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.” Wise words, from a man who built one of the largest industrial companies of the early 20th Century.

Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller has over 30 years experience in a range of roles in industry. For the last 14 years he worked for Thatcham Research, the UK Motor Insurance Industry’s automotive research centre. Thatcham Research is a world leader in risk rating of new vehicle models, the promotion of best-practice engineering in crash damage, safety and vehicle autonomony, ant-theft and cybersecurity engineering, and in supporting the independent repair industry. As Chief Technical Officer Andrew established a reputation as a key industry commentator on current and emerging vehicle technical trends, featuring regularly in industry conferences and in articles across a range of media.


Andrew has strong knowledge of the future technical developments of vehicle engineering development in Autonomy, Connectivity and Vehicle body and powertrain complexity; and in a fourth insurance related technical development – Telematics. Andrew recently was pivotal in the development of a new cybersecurity risk rating development strategy for Thatcham Research with key industrial partners.


Andrew was also President and Chair of the Board of the Euro NCAP car safety rating organisation. In this role Andrew worked with the Board to support the development of a number of key future ratings roadmaps, vital in developing strong pressure for consumers in continued safety development n European road vehicles. Through his work at Thatcham Research Andrew has great experience of stakeholder engagement and in managing complex and contrary stakeholder perspectives. This covers working with Government, NGO and Trade Body organisations, vehicle manufacturers, motor insurers and brokers and the automotive industry, both Original Equipment and the Aftermarket.


Prior to his work at Thatcham Research Andrew worked in a variety of roles in the automotive industry, from whole vehicle design and development through to system, subsystem and material development. This experience included the oversight of a manufacturing facility for high volume automotive subsystems.

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